How does the Order Process work?

You can order either per e-mail or fax. Please send the artwork per e-mail or on CD.

All orders should contain the following information:

  • Quality of cloth (i.e. 150g/sqm or 190g/sqm shirt)
  • Color
  • Numbers and sizes (i.e. 100 t-shirts basic red 20L, 20XL, black 20M, 40XL)
  • Print colors (Please list either the HKS- or Pantone shade names. Otherwise we will approximate the colors from the monitor. This should be fairly close to the original, but may diverge slightly!)
  • Print position (Where do you want the image to be on the shirt)
  • Print size (Width in cm. Preferably send us the design in the desired size)
  • Billing address (if different from delivery address) and phone number.

How many shirts do I at least have to order?

We will process all orders starting at 50 t-shirts.

Can the textiles be mixed within a minimum order of 50 items? For example 30 unisex shirts and 20 girl’s shirts.

Yes, as long as the design remains the same, different styles can be mixed within the minimum order of 50 units. For example, 20 blue girl’s shirts und 30 black men’s shirts.

What will happen with my personal data?

All data (incl. e-mail, fax and phone numbers) passed on to us will be handled confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.

How do I make a claim?

You can make claims up to 14 days after taking delivery of your ordered goods. This pertains to possible flaws of the material and print. Of course, we will replace rejected goods as quickly as possible and delivery at no cost to you.

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  • You can either pay in advance (we will e-mail an advance invoice, delivery after payment);
  • or per PAYPAL.
  • All prices plus 19% VAT.

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We will deliver within 5-10 working days after receiving all relevant information. Should there be delivery problems with our shirt wholesale suppliers, delivery may be delayed accordingly. Of course we will contact you immediately and offer alternative producers/colors.

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Which printing options do you provide?

We exclusively use screen-printing technology.

Are the films stored?

Yes, the film costs are one-off. The films are stored by us following completion of the order and will not be invoiced again for follow-up orders.

Are the screens stored?

We store screens for eight weeks after completion of the order. After that, they are washed out and renewed. However, if you know that you are going to print your design more than once, have a word with us beforehand and we will come up with a solution.

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The safest and least problematic format to use is TIFF.

Here’s what you have to make sure of: Send in print size, 300 dpi resolution in RGB or grayscale, at least 600 dpi for black and white. Make sure that the edges are sharp.

Please contact us if you would like to submit other pixel formats (in print size/300 dpi) or vector files (Corel Draw or Freehand).

When using vector files all fonts must be converted to paths. Please add the exact print size in this case.

Should your artwork need it, we can also do graphic modifications. Talk to us.

Can I change the print size? For example when using the same image on different sizes like XXL and Youth Large?

Of course we can change the size. However this means that we will have to produce separate films and screens for each different size. Therefore different image sizes will be considered separate prints and will be invoiced accordingly.

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Can you provide different shirt qualities?

For t-shirts/girlies we can provide anything from 100 g/sqm to 240 g/sqm.

We really only recommend shirts with less than 145g/sqm when quality is not a key issue and you are looking for the lowest price possible. T-shirts with a quality of 150 g/sqm to 190 g/sqm are most common for music merchandise, promotion purposes and clubs.

Everything with a higher grammage is used for premium merchandise, promos as well as shirt labels etc.

Grammage is not the only indicator of a high-quality t-shirt, other elements are also immensely important, such as technical quality (seams, collar, etc.) as well as the quality of the material in general.

Can you recommend any particular material?

We can recommend all materials we use. There are certain aspects such as availability, color options and price that come into play when trying to make the right decision. We will be more than happy to talk to you about your options and your best material choice. Just give us a call.

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